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Aga's Wholesome Foods


Spices are best stored in a cool, dark and dry place away from heat light. Exposure to heat or moisture may affect the shelf life.

Our spices and seasoning powders have a shelf life of one year.

Our seasoning powders are made from natural ingredients – herbs, spices and a little sea salt and are low in sodium, compared to seasoning cubes. They are free from additives and preservatives – all ingredients are on the pack. Please ensure to read your food labels.

When cooking with our seasoning powders, please taste and adjust for salt where necessary. Please keep in mind that one teaspoon of salt is 2300mg, the goal is to ensure our sodium intake is in check. Use aromatics such as fresh garlic, ginger and onion paste to infuse fresh flavours.

Yes you can. It is a mix of sweet and spicy flavours and can be sprinkled directly on already cooked food.

Yes, all our seasoning powders contain very little sea salt, except for soupa vegan, pepersoup spice and curry powder. The sodium content per serving of our seasoning powders ranges between 34mg to 115mg compared with the regular cubes in the market which contains over 10x sodium than this.

Soupa delish contains fish powder while soupa vegan does not contain fish powder. All other ingredients are the same. Soupa vegan is plant based and we made that as an option for the plant based community, and people who have seafood allergies.

Table salt is mined from underground salt deposits, it is processed to remove impurities, so most minerals are lost during processing. It also contains an additive to prevent clumping and is usually fortified with iodine. Sea salt on the other hand is gotten from evaporated sea water. It is minimally processed so it contains no additives, and also includes trace minerals and nutrients. They both contain a similar quantity of sodium per gram. Whichever salt you choose to use, the key is to limit your sodium intake. The Daily recommended intake of sodium is 2300mg = 1 teaspoon.

The major difference between sea salt and table salt is that table salt has additives to prevent clumping while sea salt does not as it is still in its natural state. They both have similar sodium content – 2300mg in 1 teaspoon.

For a hypertensive person, the quantity of salt used is what matters the most. It is advisable to minimise or go off salt completely as sodium worsens the condition. Also do well to check with your Doctor.

Best Before date refers to the date recommended that you use the product for best physical and/or sensory quality (smell, flavour and texture). If the product has passed the best by date and it still maintains a good smell, flavour and texture, you may decide to continue consumption. The food will be safe to eat after this date but may not be at its best flavour and texture

If your spices were properly stored and still taste and smell good, you can continue to use. Please test a small batch first before proceeding.

Your spice and seasoning powders may clump (cake) if exposed to moisture and humidity. This is because they do not contain anti-caking agents, so in a way, it is a good sign.

If this happens, just break up with your fingers before use, or toss it in a dry pan for a few minutes. If in a pouch, lay on a flat surface and pound with a wooden spoon on the bag until the clump breaks up

This does not mean that the spice powders are bad, as long as they still smell and taste good.

Endeavour to store properly in an airtight containers, away from heat and light to minimise occurrence of this.

Also scoop your spices with a dry spoon, and avoid sprinkling directly into your cooking pot directly from the spice container to prevent accumulation of steam.

Most of our spices come in 100 grams jars, but some spices might appear fuller than others even when they are of the same weight, because different spices have different densities.

This means that some spices are heavier and some are lighter and as a result, the lighter ones have more fuller content while those that are heavier might appear lesser in volume, but in weight, are all the same.

Beverage powders

Our beverage powders are ideal from 6 months, once the child has been introduced to solids to 100 years, lol.

Our beverage powders are plant based, made from nutritious ingredients such as Dates, Cocoa, Baobab and Tigernuts which are all allergen free. They are a safe option for people with food allergies.

Baobab sugar is a blend of baobab fruit powder and dates fruit powder while dates sugar is plain dates fruit powder.

Baobab fruit powder is gotten from the dry fruit pulp of the baobab tree which is milled into powder while Baobab Sugar is a blend of Baobab and Dates Sugar.

No, it cannot. It is a plant based milk and it is not fortified with nutrients like the regular formula.

Powdered Milk is made from fresh liquid cow milk with the water removed through evaporation and spray drying. So it comes out really smooth

However, Tigernut Powdered Milk is made from a mix of Tigernut Flour and Dates Fruit Powder, with no further processing.

Tigernuts contain lots of fiber so even after processing to get fine Powder, you still have some of that fiber which is great for your gut .

So next time you make your tea and it doesn’t come out as creamy as your cow milk, just say to yourself “Yo men this fiber is good for me and drink it up “

Tiger Nut Powdered Milk for works best for your cereals and smoothies.

It does not work as a 1:1 replacement. Try Dates Sugar instead.

Baobab is loaded with soluble fibers which slow down release of sugars in the bloodstream, and in turn controls blood glucose levels, Dates fruit also have a low glycemic index so this combo has worked for all our customers so far, alongside a healthy diet.

Natural Sweeteners

Honey is not safe for children below one year of age as it may result in infant botulism. Please use Dates Fruit Powder instead.

You can substitute with our Dates sugar.

Our Honey is sourced from beehives owned by smallholder farmers in Northern Nigeria. It is 100% natural, additive, coloring and preservatives free.

Just one trial will convince you. We give you a money back guarantee on this.

Fonio and Seeds


Yes, Fonio is gluten free and is a great whole grain, iron and protein rich cereal option. A little goes a long way. The flour can also be used for gluten free bakes and pancake.

Fonio cooks in less than 10 minutes using medium heat

Couscous is made from wheat and contains gluten, so not ideal for people with gluten intolerance or allergies. Also couscous can be soaked and then added to a meal. Fonio on the other hand is gluten free and has to be cooked before use.

Fonio is gluten free. Gluten gives flour the regular ‘stretch and swelling’. You can add mashed banana for more moisture or use more eggs.

Fonio is great for diabetics as it has a low glycemic index and It is slowly absorbed in the body and therefore its effect on blood sugar is very gradual.

Not at all. We have done all that for you. We are here to help you enjoy life.

The grain can be used to make cereal, jollof, to bulk up smoothies (cooked fonio), stir fry . The flour can be used for swallow, baking, and pancakes.

Whole flax seeds are not able to be fully digested by the body. They may pass through your intestine undigested, which means that you may not get all the benefits. The nutrients are more readily absorbed by the body in ground form.

Immune Boosters

Yes, Baobab fruit powder is generally safe in pregnancy. It is rich in Vitamin C, Calcium, Fiber and antioxidants which helps to strengthen you and your baby. For special conditions, please check with your Doctor.

Moringa is not safe if pregnant or trying to conceive because it may induce abortion. Also, if you have low blood pressure or taking BP medications, it naturally lowers it otherwise, you can use it. It contains a high amount of nutrients, vitamins and amino acids. So a little goes a long way. Use a little at a time especially when using it for kids. Serving size is 1 teaspoon for adults and ½ teaspoon for kids.

You have to mix in warm water or golden milk, it can’t be taken directly in Powdered form. For kids, best to put in cereal, pap, smoothies, juices. It can also be mixed with honey. Check the golden honey recipe.

Yes, of course. Our black seed oil is cold pressed in Nigeria. We expel the oil from premium quality black seeds sourced from the middle east and we bottle the 100% black seed oil with no additives. So you should definitely trust ours, even more than the foreign ones.

The oil is more effective because it has more concentration of the active ingredient- Thymoquinone which has been expelled from the seed.
The powder also works just that the oil has more concentration of the active ingredient. The powder is the blended seed and is a cost effective option if you are on a budget.

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