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At Aga’s Wholesome, we believe that healthy food should also be delicious. That is why we use the best superfood African ingredients like dates, baobab, fonio, tigernuts, cocoa, herbs and spices to create nutritious and tasty food alternatives for you. Our products are 100% natural, gluten free, dairy free, plant based, additives & preservative free, nutrient-dense & so delicious


Our beverage combo comes with 6 delicious, nutrient-dense, gluten and dairy-free breakfast ingredients ideal for a wide variety of breakfast meals. From pap, oatmeal, fonio (acha) cereal to pancake, hot chocolate, smoothies – the possibilities are endless with our beverage combo. And the products are suitable from age 6 months to 100 years.

When you purchase this combo, you also get a free breakfast recipe ebook that contains over 20 yummy breakfast recipes.

The ingredients in this combo offer lots of benefits which include gut health & digestive aid, mood boost, heart health and digestive aid, improved sleep, fatigue relief, promoting the feeling of fullness which aids weight loss and lots more.


If you are looking for natural seasoning options, and also to reduce your consumption of sodium, and manage your blood pressure, our Seasoning Combo is for you.

Seasoning Combo is a bundle of 8 natural, low sodium & MSG free seasoning powders, great for your everyday cooking
The spices in this combo are great for a wide variety of meals, from stew, jollof, omelette, porridge, beans, marinating your proteins and more.

When you shop our seasoning combo, you get a free recipe ebook with over 20 delicious recipes featuring all spices in the combo.


If you are looking for products to boost energy levels, relieve cold, flu, pain, inflammation and keep your gut healthy, improve sleep, then our Immunity Combo is for you.

The products are rich in anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, energy and immune boosting properties. They can used in a wide variety of ways indicated on the pack.

When you shop our Immunity Combo, you get a free recipe ebook with 12 immune boosting recipes.


Our forever young combo comes with 8 products that will boost your immune system, boost your energy levels, relieve pain and keep you strong and bouncing, regardless of your age.

The products in this combo also helps to control blood pressure & blood sugar so if you are diabetic or have high blood pressure, this is a great combo for you.

Forever young combo comes with Baobab Fruit Powder 200g, Chia Seeds 200g, Immunity Boost Mix 100g, Black Seed Oil 100ml, Fonio (Acha) Grain 1kg, Moringa Leaf Powder 200g, Tigernut Powder Mix 250g, Dates Choco 250g.

When you shop this combo, you get a free recipe ebook that features all the products in the Combo, so you don’t have to worry about how to use them.


Looking for a healthy and flavourful cooking oil? Say Hello to our Peanut Oil.

Our peanut oil is minimally processed from peanuts and asides being a healthier option for you, the aroma is to die for and it significantly improves the flavour of your meals. 

In doubt, try it. We guarantee that one trial will keep you hooked!!. Available in 2.5 litres & 5 litres, shop via the link below.


Our single ingredient spice powders are sure to give you great tasting meals. The spices are 100% natural, sand free, additive & preservative free, and they are made in small batches to retain freshness and flavour. 

They work great with our seasoning combo and you’ll love them. Shop individual spice powders below.

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